We are a famlily of four, who enjoys to travel the world. The further away from home the better. Morten and I have travelled as backpackers to lots of tropical destinations, while we were only the two of us. When we had our first child Victor in 2012, we decided to continue the exact same lifestyle, to travel whenever possible.

Travelling with kids is a bit different than travelling as a couple, it takes much more planning, there is not so much spontaneity, but when it works, it is the best thing ever to discover the world through the eyes of a child.

My maternity leave with Victor we spend in Egypt, Mexico and Bali. Being back to work, the time to travel was more limited and the following year, we enjoyed some of the beautiful Greek Islands.

My maternity leave with Nanna we spend in the Canary Islands and in Mauritius. We travelled for the first time the four of us, and it was at times chaotic travelling with two children, but most of the time – it was heaven 🙂

The summer of 2016 we spent in beautiful Portugal. Now we look forward to Malaga in autumn and Marrakech for winter.

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